Adhesives and Graphics

We design & craft top tier adhesives for Pakistan’s adhesive market.

Our R&D based on the innovation & concept of green chemistry has given Pakistani market a hassle free adhesives line, we have derived the E-family of adhesives & graphic products. This E-Technology enables us to cater all commercial & environmental issues with ease & efficiency.

Our adhesive & graphics products are all green products & do exhibit green chemistry.

Our leading brand ECOPAC, designed with the E-tech formulations, not only gives the high speed lines but also takes care of the food industry’s standards.This product is primarily designed for food grade packaging. Ecopac is a non HAPS product .It is especially designed to cater Flexible packaging industry & laminate olefin film together. High speed lines & superior bond strengths are the trademarks of this ECOPAC family.

In connection to Synthetic layer laminations we have introduced ECOBOND. This multipurpose product laminates different kinds of substrates together & gives excellent bond strength. With amazing curing rates ECOBOND caters to the Textile/Rexion/ synthetic leather /foam/PVC applications.

For Non-woven & woven materials we have a unique brand called Ecocryl.

Ecocryl is broadly used to manufacture carton & different cellulose bindings.

It is also used in paper packaging.

Ecocryl is available in different viscosity grades which vary for different for different applications.

For future,

Based on E-technology & green chemistry we would be introducing ECOPRINT.

It is a water-base over print varnish and has been designed to cater to the lithographic printing applications in Pakistan Additionally we have an upcoming project on bio-based adhesives for human-care.