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Descon is the leading manufacturer of textile chemicals, and offers comprehensive integrated ranges throughout the whole textile value chain for all segments of the modern textile industry:

The Product Management for Textile manages the product and service portfolio throughout the whole lifecycle. Research and development is an integral part of product management which ensures that our products and services meet future demands and foster future technologies. Focusing on ecology and innovation,Descon product-range meets the requirements of major eco-labels.


An efficient pretreatment is the first step to excellence in the subsequent dyeing or printing. Descon offers a complete range of pretreatment products with very specific properties for desizing, scouring, bleaching and biological treatments.

Thanks to our strong presence and expertise, we can offer an adapted solution to your specific needs, material and machines.

Our ranges guarantee a consistently high quality wherever you are.

Our technical experts have optimized the pretreatment process of Bleaching by providing a bundle offer consisting of the Complete Bleaching Range:

This bundle offer manifests our concept to ensure outstanding Quality, Cost-reduction, and time-saving for our customers.


Our experts have formulated high-performing and cost-effective chemicals for the dyeing process


The finishing assortment of Descon contains the complete field of today's requirements and possibilities from the classic softener to highly sophisticated chemical compounds for the woven, knitwear and denim industries.

Descon is one of the leading manufacturers who offer the complete spectrum and necessary know-how to the corresponding products.Our experts advise in the application of the products and develop this together with our customers. Customer service comes first at Descon.Today, finishing as the last step in textile processing becomes more and more important.

The variety of demands from end-users, requiring comfort such as softening, easy-care properties, protection and functionality is still growing.The process safety and reliability of the products is a significant issue for the textile finisher.Our experience in the field of textile finishing has focused on market needs and close collaboration between the technical service team, the research & development group and our customers.

We provide state-of-the-art products along with 'tailor-made' solutions for virtually all requirements from apparels, knitwear, woven goods to home textiles.

We have the /following products for the finishing stage:

  • Fixing Agents
  • Softeners
  • --Cationic Softener Flakes / Paste
  • Resins and respective catalysts
  • Bio-polishing
  • Polyvinyl Acetates


Enzymes today play an important role in the textile industry. Descon offers the whole range of textile relevant enzymes.Using enzymes in your treatments brings the following advantages:

  • No sulphur compounds in the waste water
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Huge water and time savings
  • Significantly cheaper process costs
  • No side effects of the enzymes

The use of enzymes is no longer restricted to the pretreatment of textiles. Today, cellulases are also important in the finishing of cellulosic fibers to achieve lower pilling.

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Last updated on January 12, 2018